Friday, May 11, 2007

"Man makes plans, God laughs"

This Jewish proverb reminds me of so many situations in life but especially weddings. With wedding planning beginning months to years before the actual event, with all of the things to coordinate and remember it's not hard to image that things don't always go as planned. I recently heard a story from another photographer about how the best man accidentally dropped the bride's ring under a deck just before the ceremony. It ended well with the best man stripping off this tux and climbing through a 12" hole to retrieve the ring just in time to start the ceremony as if nothing happened... except the photographer was near by the whole time recording this mini event. Years later these pictures will bring back the memory of this not-so-usual moment of this couple's wedding day. Which brings me to my point... anything can happen on a big day like a wedding day and some of the most memorable pictures happen when the unexpected happens. When something unplanned happens try to take a breath and remember that it is moments like these that will be memorable and possibly meaningful later on... And don't forget to have your photographer near by so you can look back at the pictures and laugh too.

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