Sunday, March 18, 2007

A Little About Me

I've had a creative spirit since I can remember... for years I searched for an outlet for that creativity. I come from a family of crafts people and artisans so I had plenty of opportunities to try many things including photography. My interest in photography blossomed in my early thirties. For the first time I saw photography as more than a way to remember events or what people looked like. Instead I started thinking of photography as art... In my journey I read books about art and photography. I study master painters and highly regarded photographers. I found my creative outlet.

I'm using this creative outlet now to create beautiful documentary wedding work. When I photograph weddings my favorite compliment is "I forgot you were here". I try hard to stay out of the way and not influence what I'm seeing. I don't want to direct the activity but rather record the emotions and interactions without my interference in them.