Thursday, June 26, 2014

Jen & Chris - South Yarmouth, MA

It's rare that I have a chance to photograph such a special wedding.  Jen is friend from way back... believe it or not she was just 10 went we met.  Jen & Chris had a beautiful wedding at Seaside Cottages in Yarmouth, MA full of friends, family and lots of cute little kids.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Liz & Joe - Walpole, NH

Liz and Joe shared a beautiful day with friends and family at Alyson's Orchard in Walpole, NH.  They brought their guests to tears with loving, thoughtful vows.  They are both so lucky to have each other... and I was blessed to be a part of their wedding day.
This is my favorite picture of Liz as she's getting ready.  A quick shot of her genuine smile.

This beautiful wedding at an apple orchard wouldn't have been complete without a couple of pictures of Liz and Joe admiring the fruit trees.

Unscripted moments where the laughter is real... I love the work I do.

Incredible view of the ceremony site at Alyson's Orchard

The groom has to get ready too.   Joe had a sweet gift for Liz to open before the excitement started.

Lovely dress details...

 I love this picture.  The mother of the bride frames the dress as she inspects the bow.

Liz opening Joe's gift.

A moment of nerves just before the big entrance.

The groom and guests are eager for the bride to arrive.

The father of the bride beaming with pride as he walks Liz down the aisle. 

And the first view of the bride.

This is my idea of the ring shots... the guests checking out the rings.


Eagerly awaiting the cake... notice the layers of expectant kids.

Have cake, will play?  That how that expression goes right?  I loved the soft light during the reception.

Kids have all the fun dancing (or flying) the night away!