Monday, March 1, 2010

2010 Testimonials

So I thought I'd catch up by posting some recent kind comments sent to me by this past season's couples.

Amy sent me this thoughtful email after she'd been looking through some recent weddings.

"I just browsed through your recent wedding photos, and I must say that you've found your calling! You capture the essence of each wedding with ease and it is always so nice to see what you've done lately."

Kelly and Jesse mailed me a wonderful thank you card. I've share some it below...

"Melissa, thank you so much for photographing our wedding. The pictures are so beautiful and really capture the essence of our ceremony. We will always remember everything we were feeling that day when we look at them! Kelly & Jesse"

Robin sent me this quick note after seeing the sneak peek from her wedding.

"Thanks for sending, the pictures look great. Thank you for documenting our big day! And for sending some right away, we´ve been dying to see them. I also want to mention that I really appreciated your subtlety. Aubrey and I were just saying how we didn´t see you at all during the ceremony, but yet there are all these great shots. It was just perfect, and we´re both very happy."

I have a few more to post over the next few days...