Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Quiet Months

The 2008 season is officially over and I'm just finishing up the processing of one last wedding. December through April tend to quiet months here at Reid Photography. Although this year my 2009 season starts in January. So look for new wedding pictures mid January. I also add some personal work this time of year as well. Which reminds me you can see more personal work and keep up with the (relatively) quiet goings on at Reid Photography on Facebook. Become a fan of my page or send a friend request to me. Which also reminds me... this year I'm adding Facebook galleries to my packages. I've always added some sneak peek pictures to my blog for couples to share with friends and family. Now I'm adding the sneak peek to Facebook as well to make it easier to share. Send links of either to friends and family or tag them right in Facebook.

2009 Availability Update

Currently I have the following 5 dates booked.

January 10th
March 14th
July 11th
August 15th
September 12th

I'm only booking 10-15 weddings for 2009 and holding to a strict 2 weddings per month limit. (This allows me to stay fresh and creative for each of my couples! And also allows for faster turn around for the DVDs.)

If you would like to double check my availability for your date or schedule an in person or phone consultation please contact me with your wedding date and basic information about your plans at melissareidphotography (!a) yahoo (dot) com. (Sorry - darn spammers keep finding my email!!)

If you happen to be looking for pictures from recent weddings be sure to check the archives September, August and July have some great weddings to view!