Saturday, July 19, 2008


Every once in a while I get an email that really lifts my spirits. This happened again this weekend when Abby (Nora's mom - see below to meet Nora and Chris) sent me this wonderful email.

When Nora told us she wanted a wedding photographer, we were skeptical. We got married in 1976 at my parents house in South Royalton , in a decidedly casual home wedding. I think one of our friends took photos and we have maybe 10 remaining that we can put our hands on. So, in typical “1970’s fashion”, we told Nora that we didn’t think it was that important to have professional photographs of one’s wedding. Well, she is of this generation, where weddings are bigger productions and she insisted that she would have and hire a photographer.

Somehow she found you. I think she lucked out. You were wonderful, completely non-intrusive and hard working. Then, to see the photos on your blog, was a confirmation of her choice and your work. I’ve looked at them multiple times and am so appreciative of your photographs and Nora’s decision to have her wedding professionally documented.

Thanks again for your excellent eye and great work ethic.

Abby (Nora’s Mom)

Really I should thank Nora and Chris and their friends and family for inviting me to share in their day.

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